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Solar high frequency inverter GAseries

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In recent years, solar energy has become increasingly important as a clean and sustainable energy source. Our company has developed a high-frequency inverter that effectively converts solar energy into electricity, providing clean and efficient energy for various loads.

Our solar high-frequency inverter is designed with the most advanced technology and features a lightweight and compact design that saves transportation costs. It produces a pure sine wave output that adapts to various loads and provides stable power supply.

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The inverter is equipped with a 60A/100A MPPT, which allows for maximum PV input up to 500V. It also has an optional parallel function, making it easy to expand the system capacity. The easy-to-use LCD screen allows you to set parameters with the included paper manual and video guide.

Some of the features of our solar high-frequency inverter include:

  • Lithium battery auto-restart function, which is more convenient for lithium battery charging

  • Utility charging voltage/PV charging voltage adjustable, which can accurately match different battery charging requirements

  • Battery reverse connection protection with fuse switch, which ensures safer installation

  • Support working without battery, reducing the cost of solar system

  • High precision of output voltage, protecting your appliances

  • Intelligent power supply mode, which intelligently distributes the power share of solar panel, mains, and battery

  • Slim body, convenient installation and transportation

    GA-Connection diagram

Our solar high-frequency inverter has many advantages, including high efficiency, low consumption, energy conservation, environmental protection, electricity saving, and cost saving. With its high power factor of 1.0, it produces high-quality electricity and saves money on energy costs.

In addition, our solar high-frequency inverter has an optional parallel function, making it easy to expand the system capacity. It also has an external WIFI function, allowing for real-time monitoring of device operation.

We believe that our solar high-frequency inverter will provide a more clean, efficient, and sustainable energy experience for you.





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