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Invitation To Participate in Bangladesh Power Gen & RENEX 2024

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Power Gen & RENEX 2024 1920x800px

We are honored to invite you to participate in Power & Energy Expo Bangladesh 2024! This will be an event that brings together global leaders in the energy industry. It is scheduled for May 16-18 at the International Convention City Bashkhandra (ICCB) Pavilion 2, Booth No. H2-B04, in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

As a manufacturer in the solar energy storage industry, we look forward to sharing our latest technologies and solutions with you. This expo will provide a valuable opportunity to discuss how we can promote renewable energy and contribute to the sustainable growth of the energy sector in the future.

Whether you are interested in our products or would like to learn more about the solar energy storage sector, we eagerly look forward to meeting you in the exhibition hall. Your presence will be an honor for us and will add to the excitement of the fair!

We look forward to meeting you!




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