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Guangdong Techfine Electronic Co,.Ltd.

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Guangdong Techfine Electronics Co., Ltd. (enterprise code: 892667), founded in Foshan, China in 1994, is a high-tech enterprise group focusing on electrical energy safety and solar system. 

Techfine practices China's advanced manufacturing in the spirit of "ingenuity and precision". We focus on solar system (includes solar inverters、panel)、R&D and manufacture three major products which are batteries (includes high-end industrial environmental protection energy storage lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries),  Our market business covers more than 60 countries, and has cooperated with more than 30, 000 customers in the past. At present, there are 4220 merchants who maintain sustainable business relationship with us. Our company retains about 1000 employees and owns three independent production bases, which are located in Malaysia, Shaoguan city and Foshan city in China and covers a total area of 270, 000 square meters. 

Techfine takes "Convenient for you, Never power off. Let you enjoy safe and green energy" as its mission, abides by the value of "Customer -Centered, Techfine spirit, Win-Win cooperation", and is in the spirit of "Focus, Development, Strive and Innovation". Integrating global resources and promoting technological innovation, we provide reliable electrical safety emergency protection products and services to important customers and strategic partners in various fields around the world every year and strive to create an environment with safe and green energy. 

Techfine is a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong province, China. At the beginning of its establishment in 1994, it established a modern power production base in Foshan, which is one of the China's major manufacturing cities.  In 2008,Through the introduction of domestic advanced equipment and instruments, a number of fully automatic production lines and testing equipment have been built to achieve the international level of fully automated monitoring production.




  3rd Floor, Hongxingzhiye Building 3, No.6 Foluo Road, Luocun Town, NanHai District, Foshan, Guangdong,China.


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