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10KVA 8000W 48 volt Built in MPPT Low Frequency Solar Hybrid Inverter

Minimum order quantity(MOQ)≥5 Pieces;
Samples can be sent for testing;
Support customization
Optional built-in MPPT/PWM
  • VS10048

  • Techfine

Product Overview

Experience reliable and clean AC power output with our Pure Sine Wave Inverter. Designed to meet your power quality and reliability needs, this inverter is perfect for residential and commercial applications.

Product Features

  1. Optional MPPT/PWM Solar Charge Controller (30A-120A

  2. DC Start and Automatic Self-Diagnostic Function

  3. Automatic Signal to Start Generator

  4. High Efficiency Design for Optimized Battery Performance

  5. Selectable Charging Current for Versatile Applications

  6. AC Start-up Voltage Auto Restart Function

Off Grid Solar Inverter VS Series Detail

AC input   voltage220VAC
Input   voltage range154-264VAC3V(Nor Model)  
    185-264VAC3V(UPS model)  
    175-285VAC3V(AVR Type)
Input   frequency50/60Hz±5%
Out put   power10000VA
AC model   output VoltageThe output voltage under the   mains is the same as theinput voltage(with AVR function 220V±10%)
Battery   model output frequencyThe output frequency under the   mains is the same as
    the input frequency
Battery   model output voltage220VAC±10%
Battery   model output frequency50Hz or 60Hz ± 1%
Battery   model output wavePure sine wave
Battery   typeExternal lead-acid battery, Gel   battery, or Lithium battery
Battery   voltage48VDC
Battery   charging voltage54VDC
Maximum   PV array power6400W
Solar   input voltage range48V: MPPT 60V-150VDC
Maximum   Pv DisplayOpen Circuit Voltage150VDC
Maximum   solar charging current120A
Maximum   Ac Charge Current48A
Battery   charging voltage range154-280VAC
Transfer   time≤10ms(UPS)/≤20ms(INV)
Load   peak ratioMAX)3:1
Protective   functionUnder the mains: input   overcurrent fuse
    Under inverter: overload protection,short circuit protection, low voltage   protection(with battery anti-reverse connection,board).
Status   DisplayYou can view parameters such as   AC voltage, AC frequency, PVvoltage, PV current, output voltageoutput   frequency, battery voltage, load current and other parameters by turning the   page keys.
Voice   promptLow battery protection buzzer   long beep
    Low battery buzzer beeps every second
    Machine fault buzzer beeps
    Overload buzzer beeps
    When the overload is less than 130%, the buzzer will sound every   second,
    and the output will be turned off after 30S.
    When the overload is greater than150%the output will be turned off after   300ms.
Operating   temperature0°C~40°C
Storage   temperature-15°C~45°C
Relative   temperature-10°C-90°Cno condensation





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