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48v lithium ion battery 100ah

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) ≥5 Pieces;
Samples can be sent for testing;

1. Comprehensive BMS to Match all Hybrid Inverters
2. Excellent performance at extreme high and low temperature
3. Convemient RS485RS232 Communication
4. Intelligent management system
5. Long life design:10 years
  • LB100AH/48VK

  • Techfine

It uses high-stability phosphate iron hammer batteries, which have passed CE and UL certification and are safe and reliable;

It has voltage, current, temperature detection and protection functions, short circuit protection function, and anti-reverse connection function;

It has battery pack capacity and cycle number calculation functions, a wide operating temperature range, and the discharge temperature range can reach -20℃~50℃;

Equipped with weak current switch, sleep and wake-up function and charging wake-up function;

Charging current limiting and pre-charging functions, multiple products (new and old batteries) parallel function;

Lead-acid batteries can be customized for mixed parallel connection; built-in automatic fire extinguishing device makes the product safer.

lithium battery

Battery   Voltage(V)51.2
Battery   Capacity(AH)100
Max Charging   Voltage(V)58.4
Max Charging   Current(A)50
Max   Discharging Current(A)100
Working   Voltage Range(V)44~58.4
Charging   Temperature Range0℃~60℃ Working below   0℃ will affect the full capacity of the battery
Discharging   Temperature Range-20℃~60℃ Working   below 0℃ can affect the full capacity of the battery
Storage-40℃~55℃@60%±25%   humidity
Size(L*W*H mm)480*690*195
AssembleWall Mounted
LCD DisplayBattery Capacity,   Output Voltage and Current
LED LightCapacity, Working and   Fault
Communication   PortWith RS232, RS485,   CAN
Support   BMS Communication Software:   Victron、Pylon、Deye、SMA、Growatt、Goodwe、Voltronic、PCHNE、Sofar、MEGAREVO、TBB





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